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Doesn't counseling take years to complete?

No.  Counseling can be as long or as short as you want.  It is up to you how often and for how long you want to seek help.  Counseling is your journey.

If I attend Counseling am I considered crazy?

No.  Everyone could benefit from counseling.  Sometimes it helps to talk to someone that is not an active part of your life.  Gaining new perspective on your situation is never a bad thing.

Is it too early in my relationship for couples counseling?

Never.  Relationships are difficult.  No one is perfect at relationships and many times when it gets hard people choose to leave when it is a simple problem.  Make your relationship a priority.

I should be able to handle this on my own.

Sometimes it is necessary to get a new perspective.  There is nothing wrong with seeking a counselors help and give you new ideas on how to solve the issues your having.



In order to recover from substance abuse you must attend inpatient treatment.

False.  What type of treatment you attend is your personal decision.  It is possible to recover in an outpatient setting.  That being said it is also important to have the right mindset when attending treatment and be prepared to put work into the process.

What is Level II Education and Therapy?

Level II Education and Therapy is court ordered treatment for DUI offenses in Colorado.  It is a specific program designed to address issues commonly associated with DUI offenses.

Can I do two or more level II groups per week in order to finish quicker?

No.  It is a state law that during a Level II program you may only attend one, two hour group per week.  If you wish to attend more often that can be arranged but will not count as credit towards Level II.

I'm not an addict, i don't need treatment.

Although this might be true, there is a misconception that addicts look and act a certain way.  If substances are effecting your relationships, work, or activities you have enjoyed in the past you could benefit from substance counseling.